Keeping the old noggin ticking over!

My textbook to my writing course arrived today so I can peruse at my leisure without getting a migraine off of the damn iPad!

Speaking of iPad bug bears, does anybody know wether the scrivener IOS app has a word count function? I’m loving that I can collate my research and inspirations together on one device anywhere without the need for multiple notebooks! Once you get the hang of it it’s well worth it’s £30!

I’m waiting to hear back off of Star College (a higher education residential campus in Cheltenham especially for disabled people) about how to apply for funding and joining next year, where I’m going back to my roots and doing a performance course.

I am using these next 10 months to write my novel and learning conversational Spanish on the iPad! As well as hopefully sending submissions off to magazines/competitions, as well as doing my Write Fiction Books course. In the next year my aim is to read 100 books and I’ll update my 100 books in 365 days page and add what I’ve just finished. The first will be ‘The Book Thief’, so Markus Zusak, you’re welcome.

I’ve also decided to ditch Tinder and start to go out into the community and meet people – My PA’s, Justine/Kim/Mikalya are starting next week. Will I find love at the local library or queuing at Costa? Keep an eye on my Taking a Chance on Chicklit Ending where they’ll be weekly updates in the form of diary entries – The newest entry being at the bottom of the page, so when you read it through it’ll be in chronological order as you scroll down creating a storyline per paragraph.

!Gracias, Buenos noches!


Fearful Friday

Happy December!

So today with Write Fiction Books our first excerise was to write down our fears and write story titles for them:

  1. Shouting – Verbal Bullets
  2. Spiders – Eight Eyes on Me
  3. Silence – On Edge
  4. Broken Down Chair – Helpless
  5. Not being able to swim – Tangled in the reeds.

What are your fears? Can you turn them into story titles? Get busy in the comments section.

I just wanted to celebrate completing and passing my first module!

Thrashing out a Thriller: Day 1

For ages now I’ve said I’m going to do it but, it seems I’m the Princess of Procrastination. Yes, I’ve written a short Romantic novella loosely based on Grease, aged 15 to combat GCSE stress and at aged 17 I made my vow to become a writer. Fast forward two years later and after a Creative Writing A level and a month at University, there is still no full novel. Well, today that’s changed as I have the perfect opportunity to write what with not being in university so, I am now a thousand and sixty two words precisely into my novel about a sixteen year old runaway escaping her abusive boyfriend after being kicked out of the family home when her mother died by her stepfather and starting a new life with Mrs Kline, an old lady whom Laura cleans for and to have help raise her unborn child. Right now she has fled and is in Mrs Kline’s bedroom ready to change her appearance in case Mark comes looking for her. (Mrs Kline used to be an actress so is a dab hand at makeup.)
For those of you who’ve wanted to write a novel, get out of your head the romantic notions of quiet days with endless mugs of tea at the computer, it’s hard work. Not only do you also have to make a living (Which is why I am imparting my on Vocal), you also have to plan your novel, which is something I struggle with as I prefer to write by the seat of my pants, you have to reach word count deadlines (I write a thousand words a day), fight the procrastination monster and finally work on your social media/blogs to keep fans and perspective publishers up to date and interested in your upcoming works. It can be frustrating when you draw a blank too. 
So I’ve reached the part in my story where Laura has reached the safety of Mrs Kline’s bungalow but, what are her own motives for helping this girl? How did Laura get lured into an abusive relationship? Why can’t the police get involved? The truth is I don’t actually know until my fingers hit the keyboard. One thing I don’t want is for the story to be predictable or outlandish so, my next step is to reach out to the various writing groups I belong to on Facebook and ask for some feedback.
Here is my routine as far as my writing days go:
1) 4 tweets a day (use Buffer App)
2) 1000 words a day – 10:30 – 12:30
3) One Vocal post 12:30 – 1:30
4) One blog post – Link to vocal post – 1-2 
5) Add to Pinterest board for each character – 2 -4
7) 7:30 – 9:30 Go upstairs on Scrivener and try to plan events in novel/ phycological research/
8) 10pm – instagram photo of night time read.
That seems like a rather full proof plan don’t you think? Until tomorrow where hopeful I’ll manage a description of Laura’s new appearance.

Work In Progress

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say tbat I am now working on a thriller novel about a 16 year old girl running away from an abusivs relationship. 

Keep an eye on my twitter where I post my Vocal articals and pinttest boards where I have a board for each character.

My goal is a 1000 words a day with 365 days to write it. Wish me Luck! 

Writing Challenge Day 4: Write about someone you admire

I admire many people and I think you all a sick of me writing about my mum, so today I chose Demi Lovato.

For those of you who don’t know, Demi started out on Barney aged 4 and then rocketed to fame on the Disney channel. 

She has since used her experiences in rehab for addiction and eating disorder issues, to highlight the importance of mental health. Demi has bipolar and is an avid campaigner for those who are generally misunderstood because of their mental health and fights for those who still go untreated. She even co owns a CAST treatment centre in a LA. 

Through all the things she has to deal with she has produced six wonderful albums that chart her life experiences. She’s even produced her own documentaries, Stay Strong and Simply Complicated. Aside from this she has also produced a book of positive affirmations (which I use daily) to help fans stay positive. Demi is often going on trips to Africa and supporting water schemes and even selling bracelets made by African women she vists at her concerts supporting women’s independence.

I chose Demi because she is a huge part of my life and even influenced me musically when I sang. If I can make a little difference in this world and turn my worst experiences into positive lessons, then I’d be happy.

Writing Challenge Day 3: Top pet peeves

Good morning readers, 

Interesting topic today, so I would prepare yourselves for a rant.

  1. I hate being called Rachel, I much prefer Rach or Raimie as that’s what my mum wanted to call me (named after her childhood cabbage patch doll) but, my father being the drama king that he is thought I was going to die and registered my name without talking to my mum first. Rachel is just too formal and I’m not keen on being named after that bitchy chick on Friends. My middle name is cool though as I’m named after Ellen Degeneres and she’s one cool cat.
  2. The feel of wool or cotton wool, it just sets my teeth on edge.
  3. Loud noises – It’s a trait of cerebral palsy meaning I hyperventilate over balloons and fireworks aren’t my friend. Picture the scene: I pick up my tea cup with shaky hands and if the room is quiet somebody only has to sneeze or cough and the cup ends up on the floor and perhaps the one time I get the perfect tea, it ends up all on my clothes with my Mum saying (even though I have no control over this) What did you do that for.
  4. Text speak and people texting whilst walking in front of you. Whatever happened to being in the moment?  and I don’t know talking around the dinner table about the butterfly you saw instead of instagramming it just so you get one like off of your second great aunt.
  5. Someone saying lol out loud. You have no idea about how ridiculous you sound.
  6. Someone spoiling a book ending and making huge dog ears in books – you just neatly fold the corner not the whole page.