What in the World…

It comes to something doesn’t when children, young people and families are targeted at a concert and needlessly killed. My thoughts are with the families and all those affected at this time.

It’s horrible to feel vulnerable in your own home. But, we must not let this hold us back. We must defeat these evil individuals whom attach themselves to any peaceful religion and commit hienous acts in the name of God. However, this doesn’t mean we have the right to condem any individual based on their nationality or religion. We must also continue our tireless efforts to help those fleeing the regime and yet before we can help others we must strengthen ourselves and deal with poverty and violence in our own country.

If at any time we need to be united more, it is now.

We must connect now more than ever, even if it’s just popping over to help an elderly neighbour or helping out with a charity. The more we isolate ourselves from our communities out of fear, the more they win.



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