Young Writers Publication

Look what came in the post peeps!! I forgot I entered this. #youngwriters #publication ‘You’ll just have to get on with it’ is dedicated to my mum.


What in the World…

It comes to something doesn’t when children, young people and families are targeted at a concert and needlessly killed. My thoughts are with the families and all those affected at this time.

It’s horrible to feel vulnerable in your own home. But, we must not let this hold us back. We must defeat these evil individuals whom attach themselves to any peaceful religion and commit hienous acts in the name of God. However, this doesn’t mean we have the right to condem any individual based on their nationality or religion. We must also continue our tireless efforts to help those fleeing the regime and yet before we can help others we must strengthen ourselves and deal with poverty and violence in our own country.

If at any time we need to be united more, it is now.

We must connect now more than ever, even if it’s just popping over to help an elderly neighbour or helping out with a charity. The more we isolate ourselves from our communities out of fear, the more they win.



Writing Goals for the Summer

So I haven’t been active recently due to exams. But, I am uploading my Zanessa fanfic chapters on Wattpad every Friday and am currently planning a new novel called Charade and it’s about a woman who’s on the edge of being truly happy however, to achieve that she needs to reveal the cards close to her chest to let go of the past and move on.

In the summer as soon as June 23rd rolls around I have a plan where I write a short story every week and send it to Woman’s Weekly. I have eight weeks off so that’s eight stories! So keep your eyes peeled here as I will be charting my progress.

Now to chill with my Writers Forum. Wish me luck for my exams and if any of my readers are sitting them, I wish you the best of luck.

My trip to Harry Potter World.

It was amazing and I was so surprised at its accessibility and how friendly staff were. 

The bus ride was soooo funny. Here’s some pictures… enjoy! It’s definitely worth money and I will hold the memories in my hear forever. The script to screen workshop was so amazing. I learnt something amazing secrets about the film industry.

I’m so proud of myself, I coped really well with the crowds so I treated myself to a Deathly Hallows notebook and a wand/pen.