Diary Of A Chick on Wheelz: New Chair!


So, guys as you know my plight for a new Wheelchair with correct backrest has been a long one. But, that’s all being changed on Friday as it’s being delivered! I literally cannot wait and will probably cry with joy! It’s going to be more comfortable so i’ll be able to sit in it in the house and i can go anywhere I like as there is no help with transfers. I cannot wait to be more active.

Yesterday, I was off because i was flaring and didn’t get much sleep so it was pointless going in to college only to have to go home again. I was very frustrated as i couldn’t do any work as my attention span was zero and i had massive brain fog to rival that of ‘new mum brain.’ I caught up with Broadchurch (definitely a swingers’ party gone wrong!) and fantasied about doing a midnight flit, leaving everything behind and set up in Cornwall. (Sometimes I get so bored with my own life that the urge to run away and set up again is strong.) I then read my book for the majority of the afternoon (See books on my bedside) and then did the sensible thing and slept.

After I slept and bathed in aromatherapy oils, I felt up to continuing with my short story for the WM competition, ‘HRH has a clear out’ (Basically the Royal Family on their ‘day off – HRH finds favorite cup she bought in disguise with Kate from a market stall. – PIP puts cup in donation box by mistake – Cup  ends up in British Heart foundation – Tea cup collector buys cup – Royal fan)

Then it was  a pork dinner for me, up to bed with my cosy lamplight glow and many blankets and book then Eastenders, then bed.

It’s only 11:30 and with the hel[ of Sian (Study Coach) I’ve written up my whole poetry section of my literature file and am now settling back with a cuppa typing this post. Shakespeare this afternoon and then home where Nan and G will meet me off of the bus, help me put my pajamas on, help get in armchair then toast and tea. By then Rich will be home from work and we’ll wait for mam to come home from a 9 hour shift then bed. Also looking forward to a phone call with an old friend and an added bonus would be if i could write my women’s representation in poetry essay.



  • I’ve been productive
  • I love Routine
  • Looking forward to taking my chair for a spin down the prom (with ice cream!) on Friday.




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