It’s My Birthday/Mother’s Day/Writing Anniversary¬†

As well as it being Mother’s Day and my birthday, two years ago today I started my writing journey.

This photo below is a typewriter my friend Lynda gave me and is a lovely piece of inspiration in my room.

Without writing in my life I wouldn’t have met so many lovely people and had fab experiences. Thank you to my mum for all those years when I was naughty, instead of the naughty step I was placed at the table to write stories (a consequence I really enjoyed!)

Now on to the main reason I’m writing this:

A poem for mum and me:

My lovely mum and me

together for all eternity.

Are hearts entwined, they

beat as one. I don’t need

Or want another mother 

You are my only one!
Thank you to all my family, friends and readers, I hope you enjoy my birthday in pictures! Thank you to everyone for their wishes, cards and to my grandparents for the money towards my uni fund.


In response to Stephen King’s Apt Pupil, write a detailed narrative.

They sent me to work sorting the valuables like gold teeth, jewellery and good quality clothes and other trinkets. It’s funny how they consider Jews to be ‘a sub human race’ but they have no qlaums about pilfering our precious possessions. I suppose with them it’s a matter of choosing when and what to believe.

I clutched my thin piece of prison garb: (stripped clothes, shaved heads and numbers etched on our broken skin, red and itchy with infection.) around my chest but that was like putting a plaster on a broken arm. My size too small clogs pinched my toes in a vice grip. Fostbite, the soles now let in the dank grey mud mixed with snow.

I followed the SS officer with his blood red arm band to the ‘treasure trove’. The wharehouse had a draft that rattled between my rib cage, goosebumps springing up in protest. I was surprised a part of me was still fighting.

What were other people’s belongings were piled four feet deep like a black unforgiving ocean, seeing these would usually be a person’s oasis but, it was tinged with sadness instead of salvation.

Shoved in my place I began to methodically sort, trying not to think of the memories attached to them and their owners. Spiky paced up and down a whip at his side eying us with disgust. Long ago, I decided to give names to all the guards because I believe that if you humanise fear it is not so fearful.

As I trudged back to my barracks I kept my head down to the wails from punishment, emancipated elderly and the bodies of infants piled high on carts, they should of smelled like vanilla but, they smelled of death. I tried to turn my mind away from the diseased barrack awaiting me, piled high to the rafters and then some.

Snow crunched beneath my every step, the flicker of the hope in my heart began to dim.


What I’m up to

  • I’ve finished my tea cup flash fiction piece for the Writer’s Magazine December issue.
  • My college is running the ‘Wonder World’ competition where you have to invent a world in 100 words.
  • Next Friday, my College is having a guest author who will help us workshop entries for the Orwell Prize and Youth Prize.

All of this and revising for exams. Get. It. Done.

Write a response text using love imagery and romantic language

Write a response text using love imagery and romantic language
Our bodies arch and writhe together

In a dance that only we know.

Our moans of passion are

A songs where we only 

Know the melody.
You know every dip and 

Curve in my body, and

love without fail.

I could be ice cold

and at your touch

I burn with a delightful fever.
In my eyes, you 

are my universe

In your eyes I’m your

Galaxy. The stars

aligned when we met

joining with the planets in 

perfect harmony.
It proves we are fate

This is meant to be.
We may not always 

get it right but, my kisses

feel at home on your 

lips and my body

belongs in your arms.
We may sometimes fit

square peg in a round hole.

but I know you’re my missing

puzzle piece and we fit perfectly

Emulating EE Cummings

Inspired by his ‘if feelings come first.’

If feelings come first

Then they embrace me

As a reminder that 

I’m not numb.

If feelings come first

then we should live first 

and thinking is for reflection.

Feelings jostle and tumble

making you have to deal

With them. To know why is good

If you don’t then it overwhelms you

Like heart over head. 

Six Word Stories

Enjoy my attemp at the Hemmingway Challenge

  1. She floated face down, ice cold.
  2. Thunder struck, and hearts broke.
  3. Their lips met also their souls.
  4. Her face was illuminated, tears ran.
  5. The sun shone, the world continued
  6. Their limbs intertwined in passion’s dance.
  7. He lit the spark in her.
  8. Words flew between them; verbal war.
  9. She teetered on the edge of reason.
  10. Words said, bonds broken, time heals.
  11. Angel with eyes of a devil
  12. She escaped inner battles in daydream
  13. Tapping away at the keyboard: Documenting.
  14. The seasons came: He hadn’t changed.
  15. Wars in her head, whilst in bed.
  16. Miles to go, each step remembered .
  17. Flags planted, possesions owned, life taken.
  18. Kisses mean I am sorry or goodbye
  19. The harp is the sound of love.
  20. Worlds torn, uprooted, your flag planted.

ME Tips – A survivors Guide

Tips are my own and may not work for everyone – consult your doctor before making any major changes to diet or medications.

  • Organise your medication for the week – I’m ashamed to say my mother does this for me. It’ll be easier especially during brain fog where you don’t have to think of what tablet to take.
  • Say there’s a TV show you want to watch at 9pm but it’s too late for you? Well take an hour and half nap in the early afternoon because you’ll be refreshed but by the time 9pm rolls around you’ll be tired enough to sleep through the night later on.
  • Don’t beat yourself up about flare days or having to cancel on friends – they should love you enough to understand, you already feel guilty and you don’t need added pressure on top.
  • Make the most of good days even if it’s just a walk outside
  • If you’re like me and whilst your body hurts but your mind is racing, let audiobooks/colouring become your best friend or treat yourself to s Netflix subscription.
  • Natural sunlight is the best medication – typically the more vitamin D I have the more improved my ME is.
  • Understand what’s a flare and what’s not – a diary is helpful thing to have especially when visiting the doctors.
  • Flick the bird when someone says ‘Your illness isn’t real.’ You live it, they don’t.
  • Keep hydrated
  • Regular toilet visits help especially with all the meds.
  • Anti depressants help – an invisible illness is hard to deal with
  • Don’t get your hopes up about trials and new research.
  • Connect with the chronic illness community on social media – you are not alone!