Swansea Bravehearts: disabled football [pics]

Win for the Bravehearts! I’m so proud of my man! It’s making me consider an extra curricular actvity but a) I have more conditions to deal with b) I’m so tired all the time!

So glad I managed to go today, despite my discomfort it was nice to make my other ‘alf smile.

Say what you want about people with disablities being fragile and incapable but these guys are fierce.

My man scored three goals and there was a right warrior of a girl who banged her head but kept on playing!

Still don’t understand the rules and the referee was totally biased! 

It kinda made me reminisce about my active days. Family say that I gave up swimming due to not ‘wanting to be in the paralympics’ (I mean, yes because it’s society view that if your disabled and do a sport it’s like, ‘why aren’t you competing and making able bodied people feel inspired?’ I’m such a cynic!) but, my heart wasn’t into it as I got older and it became repetitive not to mention the muscle pain when I got older and not being able to navigate a tampon. I’m glad I learned though but, I won’t be returning to the pool anytime soon.

I know some people think I hide behind my ME and that it would be better if I was more active but I consider being active as having a shower every evening.

So no, sports aren’t my thing but, I pushed through for my boyfriend and that’s what counts.

I may consider stand up comedy!

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