Diary of a Chick On Wheelz: I am Wheelie Agitated

*Rant incoming!*

So I’ve just rung the Wheelchair Service for an update on when my new wheelchair is coming because now I am literally squeezing into the one I’m using like Ross Geller in leather trousers. Basically I was fobbed off again and told that they are still waiting for the back rest and that it ‘won’t be long now.’ ( Been waiting since July) I feel like a raging bull. How would they like it if they went to A and E with a broken leg and they say ‘sorry we can only set it in six months time.’

Not only that but I’m still waiting forever for a hoist to be installed in my main block. Yesterday, I endd up taking a 10 minute walk to this crumbling and not to mention freezing block. All this took 45 minutes and I missed the first half of my lecture. Now, this was supposed to be installed in September, when I complained the powers that be said that they ‘Are still checking the electrics’. Ugh.

Sorry to be really negative today but my ME is getting worse too. I’m exhausted even after a morning of college and my limbs feel so stiff and heavy doing small things are difficult. Not to mention I’m feeling really agitated and irritable more often than not lately.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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