15 Day Challenge: Book confessions

So, for the next 15 days I will be partipating in a blog challenge and today’s post is ‘Book Confessions’. *Breathes deep* here I go…

  1. I dogear pages.
  2. I judge books by their first and last sentence.
  3. I have listened to Fifty Shades on audiobook
  4. I love children’s classics
  5. I own 300 + books including my childhood bookshelve and kindle
  6. I first fell in love with the felicity fairy books.
  7. I have read on the toilet…
  8. I sniff pages of books.
  9. I don’t like dustcovers.
  10. I have taken a book to a party more than once.
  11. I also read the publisher and print page first.
  12. I add each new font I read to my Mac.
  13. Have turned down dates for books (My poor boyfriend!)
  14. Fallen in love with a female fictional character.
  15. Like my books to look read.


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