Diary of a Chick On Wheelz

So as I said in my new page in regards to my disablity I’ve decided to write a series about my life besides writing and my extra challenges. Without further a do, welcome to ‘Diary of a ‘Chick on Wheels!’ Here is where I’ll be writing my advice, tips and any adventures I get up to.


18th January 2016

So today is the day my new carers start. Am I excited? A little. Am I apprehensive? Yes. It takes me a while to get used to new people and their way of implementing my routines as I can be very particular. They’ll be helping me off the bus, hoisting me into my arm chair, giving me my school books and packing my bag for the next day. The carers can’t cook from scratch so my mum has prepared a nice chicken and bacon salad. (I’m on my third week in slimming world and have lost 3lbs so far!) I hope the ladies are nice and when i employ my PA (As these carers are from the ‘enabling whether I’ll need less or more hour for the tasks to be completed.) will turn into a companion helping me run errands on Saturdays.

Do you know how hard it is to find a reasonable hotel with a hoist so that myself and my boyfriend can have a romantic week away? Very hard. I’ve just looked at prices including a show and I’ve just about picked my jaw up on the floor.

Yesterday my ME flared up so I was really weak and not able to do much except sleep so, I wasn’t able to go into college. Needless to say I was low but pushed myself to write 300 words for my humorous short story for a writing competition. Safe to say, yesterday I was I was grateful for bed baths/hoists/veggie TV and Instagram.

In regards to disability my favorite blog accounts are:

  • Karen Owens who documents raising her children and also helping her disabled children learn the PODD method of communication and her endevour to give her children voices. To learn more such ‘We speak PODD’ on Facebook.
  • Sally Leadbeater A fellow ME sufferer, great friend and fashion blogger
  • Bonnie Harris  An inspirational mother of two identical twines, one how has complex medical issues. – Frank and honest youtuber.

I have Shakespeare next in class so if i die of boredom you can say ‘alas, poor Rachel I knew her well’.

Side note – Will they ever make stylish cover bags for catheters?

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