NHS: Can we save it from distress?

The beeps of 

the stat machine

are the beating heart.
The nurses and doctors

Keep the oxygen flowing

So that when a crisis starts,

We can keep on going.
The smell of antiseptic 

Is the scent of 

sucsess and hope.
Whilst the the warmth

On the wards wraps

You in a warm hug

To keep you going.
Each pill is dished 

With tender care, the

Blue scrubs hide angel 

Wings under there.
The food may be basic

But, for some it’s a decent meal.

The clean sheets and kind words

help to heal.
Yes, it’s under strain 

And suffering a great deal.

However besides paperwork and

Budget cuts, miracles are revealed.
Life, death all happen here

Yet, only the unfortunate is

Be kind to our NHS 

and treat with respect. 

Often it’s a service that people

So fight for our NHS please,

Don’t stop! Otherwise we may

As well stop the clock 

On the progress we’ve made

Because it wasn’t saved

Yet, a vital part: societies 

beating heart.


Book Review: A step closer to Falling

This novel is told from the viewpoint of Emily about her and Scott’s community service, helping a group of adults with learning difficulties in a relationship class.

The reason for this? They didn’t come to Belinda’s rescue.

Belinda, a teen at Emily and Scott’s school also has learning difficulties and because of an infatuation she heads to the school football game where the incident happens.

Through Belinda we see the contributions leading up to this: an obsession with Pride and Prejudice and being too easily trusting. Tired of being over ruled by her protective Nan and Mother. Just because the incident happened doesn’t mean her life should stop.

As Emily and Scott complete their course, things begin to spark between them. Can admitting what happened to Belinda and the courage they see in class admit what they’ve been feeling?

Is tough guy Scott all he seems?

Will Belinda find happiness?

Will Emily see beyond the surface?

My Verdict: I expected nothing less from McGovern n, the subject of disability is handled delicately as well as relationships and sexual harassment. Beautifully written. With a beautiful message of equality without coming across as patronising

Genre: Young Adult/Relationships

Rating: 5/5

Book Review: Dorothy Must Die

DMD is a dark take on Frank L Baum’s Wizard of Oz. Amy Gumm is ‘trailer trash’ and her life his crap. However, like the naive farm girl we know and love, her trailer is transported to Oz and is the only person that can save the country from evil dictator Dorothy.

My Verdict: This story breathes new life into a classic. For younger readers the story is pure adventure but older readers will notice influences of Orwell’s 1984. This makes me feel 11 again and Amy Gumm is my new Katniss Everdean. Paige’s writing is exciting and intriguing. Brilliant debut.. love you Danielle! 

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Adventure

Book Review: Two by two


Two by two is written from the view point of father Russ, struggling to catch a break. Mortgaging the house to fund his new advertising business was the straw that broke the camels back.

His wife Vivian starts to become cold and distant and Russ struggles to navigate the tricky waters. Soon his wife drops the bomshell that she’s leaving him for his ex boss… whilst wanting custody of their beautiful daughter London.

Life as a single parent isn’t easy for Russ and things become even more complicated when ex girlfriend Emily, now a mother reconnects.

Like his business can he be a phoenix and rise from the ashes and raise a young lady?

With the help of his big sister Marge and girlfriend Liz along with his parents he’s damn well going to try. However a family crisis rocks everybody to the core.

My verdict: It was so refreshing to have a single fathers viewpoint. Whilst the main theme is love and separation, Sparks intertwines smaller issues in the big picture. Overall, beautifully written, definitely film adaptation worthy.

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Family and relationships.

Diary of a Chick On Wheelz: I am Wheelie Agitated

*Rant incoming!*

So I’ve just rung the Wheelchair Service for an update on when my new wheelchair is coming because now I am literally squeezing into the one I’m using like Ross Geller in leather trousers. Basically I was fobbed off again and told that they are still waiting for the back rest and that it ‘won’t be long now.’ ( Been waiting since July) I feel like a raging bull. How would they like it if they went to A and E with a broken leg and they say ‘sorry we can only set it in six months time.’

Not only that but I’m still waiting forever for a hoist to be installed in my main block. Yesterday, I endd up taking a 10 minute walk to this crumbling and not to mention freezing block. All this took 45 minutes and I missed the first half of my lecture. Now, this was supposed to be installed in September, when I complained the powers that be said that they ‘Are still checking the electrics’. Ugh.

Sorry to be really negative today but my ME is getting worse too. I’m exhausted even after a morning of college and my limbs feel so stiff and heavy doing small things are difficult. Not to mention I’m feeling really agitated and irritable more often than not lately.

Tomorrow is a new day.

15 Day Challenge: What’s you’re reading ritual?

In the evenings, I like to be in bed by six. Then I get into my pyjamas, usually update my blog then read.

I try to read an hour and half before I go to bed… nothing college related! I like my room to be bathed in a warm glow, curtains shut with my TV off and phone on do not disturb. Lastly, I write a brief summary of the chapter in my writing journal… weird fact I have to stop reading for the night when my book reaches every 5 chapters.