Chapter one of my novel is up.

Beyond Castle Walls РChapter One:  Pinot and Proposals  #wattpad

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The Return Of The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul: A review.

Deborah Rodriguez’s sequel to the widely successful novel, The Little Coffee Shop comes back with another thought provoking tearjuker.

Set against the backdrop of a conflict filled Afghanistan the book returns with our favourite characters; Ahmet and Reveloutionery Halajan whom are continuing Sunny’s legacy at the cafe amid unrest.

Across the pond, Sunny is journeying to Twimbly island send by the last wishes of lover jack who as passed away after many narrow escapes as an army operative. He’s left Sunny a deslote winery with slim ball rick on her back asking for Money.

Meanwhile, Zara a strong willed girl seeks sanctuary at the cafe after fears me may have an arranged marriage despite loving unsuitable Omar.

However, Sunny is stuck with philisopical Japanese American Italian neighbors Joe, despearing about her situation along with an unwanted cat, dog and screeching peacocks. If that wasn’t enough, she’s hosting Yazmina’s sister Layla, a reserved girl who is struggling with American culture. Sunny employs liberal Afgani American Kat to teach English to Layla, why does Kat harbour so much resentment about her Roots?

Back in Kabul Halajan is trying to get her beloved son Ahmet to act rather than speak before tragedies.

A clash of cultures, grief, empowerment and learning to savour the grapes of life. The author writes some beautiful phrases that equal poet Rumi, a lot I have written down in my writing journal to provide inspiration. A beautiful sequel and praise for Rodriguez for continuing to write about issues with passion, however showing both sides. We should thank her and others for putting people’s stories out there for those who can’t.

Top five Christmas reads/ New Project

Hello readers and fellow writers,

As it’s the festive season I thought I’d share my favourite winter reads:

  1. Carole Matthews – wrapped up in you.
  2. Carole Matthews – Calling Mrs Christmas
  3. Christmas at Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop – Jenny Colgan
  4. Annie Groves – London Belles
  5. A fairytale Christmas – Chrissy Manby

Today I am also writing my take on Roman Holiday; Beyond Castle Walls first chapter tonight! I will post the link once it’s up. So glad of the festive break as it gives me motivation to write!

Merry Christmas thank you for the support!

Rachel Marie