Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford: Book Review

Mommie Dearest

Genre: Memoir

Synopsis: A tell all book about living with Joan Crawford, an abusive alcoholic told by her adopted daughter Christina.

Summary: All I can say is wow. This book is definitely he definition of controversial: on the outside to the unsuspecting public it was the ultimate fairytale come true but for the children of Joan Crawford, a self absorbed control freak, a living nightmare. Christina’s narrative is harrowing and so vivid it feels like you are there witnessing these acts of sheer cruelty yourself. Critics say that she was wanting to making a quick buck off of her mothers death, even her own sisters deny that these acts took place. I think she is brave to write this sort of book with Crawfords legacy but some things even I took with a pinch of salt: sent to a convent over an unwritten Christmas card list? Having to eat the same piece of raw meat for every meal until she ate it? Wire hangers? Nobody knows the exact truth except the Crawford children and staff and I suppose we’ll never really know. How can someone write terrible accusations about someone who rescued you from a life of poverty? Wether it’s mixed with fact or fiction you won’t be able to put it down or look at Hollywood’s original sweetheart again. Even though the book is mainly dark there are some light Mother/daughter moments that gives us a break from the constant gloom as well as Christina’s own resilience in her own career in Hollywood after she saw how it manipulated her mother. Is it just a clash of personality? Either way it’s the survival of the fittest even for your own mothers affections.

What ever happened to Baby Jane? by Henry Farrell: Book Review

What ever happened to baby Jane?

Genre: Gothic Thriller

Rating: 3/5

A story of two ageing actresses cooped up in a mansion filled with jealousy and murder.

Summary: I read this book after watching Ryan Murphy’s series Feud starring Susan Sarandon, a story surrounding Bette Davies and Joan Crawford – rivals who are filming the movie adaptation of What happened to Baby Jane?

Compared to the movie and tv series it didn’t really strike me as a Thriller unlike when it was first published. It is clever how Farrel writes of the sibling rivalry and how each chapter shows the unravelling of both sister’s sanity. But, overall, I was very disappointed. Perhaps in its day it was spine tingling but now it’s just predictable.

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Hello everyone!

I trust you all made it in to 2018 safely? First order of business is a two minute silence for our Jesus Bunny rabbit who passed away on NYE in my mum’s arms.

*two minutes silence*

Lovely, second order of business is that I’m going to be doing my amazon tax form today so that I can upload my novella.. Carefree and Consequences.Lastly below are my writing goals for 2018:

  • Enter Writing Competition
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  • Finish Thriller by December.

What’s yours?