Writing Challenge Day 3: Top pet peeves

Good morning readers, 

Interesting topic today, so I would prepare yourselves for a rant.

  1. I hate being called Rachel, I much prefer Rach or Raimie as that’s what my mum wanted to call me (named after her childhood cabbage patch doll) but, my father being the drama king that he is thought I was going to die and registered my name without talking to my mum first. Rachel is just too formal and I’m not keen on being named after that bitchy chick on Friends. My middle name is cool though as I’m named after Ellen Degeneres and she’s one cool cat.
  2. The feel of wool or cotton wool, it just sets my teeth on edge.
  3. Loud noises – It’s a trait of cerebral palsy meaning I hyperventilate over balloons and fireworks aren’t my friend. Picture the scene: I pick up my tea cup with shaky hands and if the room is quiet somebody only has to sneeze or cough and the cup ends up on the floor and perhaps the one time I get the perfect tea, it ends up all on my clothes with my Mum saying (even though I have no control over this) What did you do that for.
  4. Text speak and people texting whilst walking in front of you. Whatever happened to being in the moment?  and I don’t know talking around the dinner table about the butterfly you saw instead of instagramming it just so you get one like off of your second great aunt.
  5. Someone saying lol out loud. You have no idea about how ridiculous you sound.
  6. Someone spoiling a book ending and making huge dog ears in books – you just neatly fold the corner not the whole page.


Day 2 writing challenge: Something someone has told you about yourself.

Morning all, 

how are we? Pain not too bad today and I’ve actually managed to get dressed today! *claps* 

So today’s quote is from my mother and it’s actually written in the back of one of my many notebooks. She said, 

Keep up the positivity and write what you believe and love what you do. – Mum, 2016

My mum on the whole is my greatest source of motivation and her childhood memories and anecdotes from the toil of the workplace give me the greatest information.

However, when political writer Oliver Bullough’s came and did a workshop (signed his copy of his book for me!) he said,

It doesn’t matter what you write, write what you love, if it pisses off the gits then that is a bonus.

Rachel Marie is back!

Hello, everyone! I am back and writing for pleasure. I published my second novels first chapter on wattpad and it felt so good. 

So I’m going to be following the blog challenge below:  

This is just to get my writing mojo back. I’ll also be tweeting and posting my answers on Facebook as well so get involved!

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Facebook: Rachelmwriter 

New start didn’t get get off to a great start

So last Friday it was my first full day at university. The night before didn’t go to plan what with no phone signal and having a small bladder spasm but, I survived.

I had breakfast, put on some makeup and went to explore the freshers marquee and explore the campus a bit more.

It may have been cold and grey but to me the day was hopeful. It was lovely to see the campus blooming with its vibrant inhabitants. 

I bought my freshers ticket, intending to make the most of every second on having fun. I joined tonnes of campus programs including the disabled Student’s Union, the sustainability project and volunteering with the elderly. The theme of the tent was a spring picnic but, I couldn’t help wondering if they were trying to copy Bake Off…

I went back to my room after having lunch with some student nurses and after a dodgey lunch the day before and needed the loo, transferring myself and requiring help to get back in my chair, the university decided I’m unsafe to live on my own and require 24/7 care when, in actual fact I have three calls a day and my family wouldn’t have encouraged me to live at uni if I wasn’t safe.

Going behind my back, they rang my mother and told her I had to get off campus. So I’ve spent freshers week at home…

We had a meeting with the university and they tried to say there is a risk to other students that I need the loo. I know to ring my nine emergency numbers or the district nurses, it’s not as if I’m going to announce in a lecture; ‘Hello! I need to deficate! Would someone help me?!’ They were just making excuses.

Anyway long story short, they are letting me back on campus Monday and giving a two week review as to wether they think the care package is sufficient(!) 

They even had the cheek to ask me to defer! I know that I would harm myself if I had to spend another year at home.

I’m just glad I’m back for lectures! Just gutted I’ve missed freshers and bonding with my flatmates!

Let’s hope the care plan gets the big wigs approval today… fingers crossed! Stay tuned for an update!

Poem: A New Chapter

So, the last chapter has finished

A new one is to begin. 

I feel anxious as I turn the page,

What’s to happen in this chapter?

Will it turn out alright?

Well, that’s up to me

This is my life.

I want to live in the movement and 

Do extrodinary things

And not hide away as I’ve 

Done before.

This isn’t just a new chapter but a 
Fresh start.

This is my story 


This is my wonderful life,

I’m back and I’m going to uni

I’m back using this blog full time and I’m gonna use it to document my degree, Creative Writing with English…. it’s actually quite scary to think on 2 October I’m starting a degree when A-levels weren’t  exactly a breeze for me! 😩 right now I’m enjoying my last week at home and getting to know my flatmates in a group chat. I’ve already apologised for being a boring person in advance.  I only really want to party a little bit as I’m not that sort person, my main focus will be my degree and becoming more of a cook in the kitchen!

I can’t believe I’m going to Uni next week because the transition process hasn’t been exactly smooth. Trying to find a ceilidh agency that can cater to a disabled university student is a nightmare I feel like the 1st to dissbled person in Wales to go to university. So now my mum has to take two weeks annual leave to do my personal care next week to give us time to find an agency that can help us!

Uni dorm; my room is cream so I’ve gotten some vintage bunting which I’m going to hang around my room and floral tablecloths to cover my bedside table and desk because I really don’t like Teik style furniture. I can’t believe I’m taking my own bed down and my armchair! I don’t want my flatmate to think I’m getting special treatment because I’m sure they rather bring their beds from home!  

Kitchen: For the first time in my life I will have an adapted kitchen! My inner Gordon Ramsey will be realeased! I just hope my flatmate will  not take advantage and help keep things tidy…
Class: So as far as I know In my compulsory module will be studying:

  • Dracula 
  • Frankenstein
  • Jane Eyre 
  • The Wide sagaso Sea

I don’t mind studying these  just as long as in the creative writing side of the course I get to unleash my magic!!!

I can’t believe I’m finally going to a place where people are passionate about their subject!

Disability: I hope to God I’ll be able to keep up with my ME! I also pray that my catheter won’t malfunction and that my back willbbe able to survive being in my wheelchair 24 /seven!


  1. Join the uni paper
  2. Join a choir
  3. Get some good friends
  4. Pass my first year! 

Achievements already unlocked

  1. m Out loud and proud so now searching for the woman of my dreams
  2. According to my Kindle I have read 12 books this year and that’s not counting my paperbacks
  3.  One published poem
  4. Awaiting news as to whether my short story is being published in a magazine
  5. Passed my A-levels
  6. Got back into swimming.

So hold on readers as you’re about to embark with me on the highs and lows of university life nothing and filtered.

PS this post is dedicated to my man whom with out I would not be at this stage in my life.